Flat Roof Installation, Repairs and maintenance.

Accurate Roofing & Construction has built a reputation in Texas for installing long-lasting and efficient commercial roofing systems that stand the test of time. We install, repair, and maintain Flat Roof, TPO, Modified Bitumon, and Torch Down flat roofing systems.

With us, you will get full and individualized care, consistent quality and complete reliability when it comes to our roofs and our roofers.

Commercial properties tend to require specialized care and comprehensive maintenance and inspection plans, which is what we provide for each of our clients. Thanks to this and our great attention to detail, your commercial roofs will continue to provide you with optimal and long-term protection.

Our commercial roofing team is highly trained in the complexities of commercial flat roofing, fom expertly conducted inspections to professionally applied coating systems, our commercial roofing is always done at the highest levels of quality, and with great attention to detail.

  • Commercial flat-roof repair
  • Commercial flat-roof coating
  • Membrane coating systems

TPO Roofing Systems

TPO roofing also referred to as thermal plastic olefin, is created in such a way that makes them very durable as well as resistant to Water Leaks. This roof covering material is favored among those in the roof covering industry. TPO roofing in Austin, utilizes alone ply roofing membranes made from ethylene propylene rubber. Correctly bonded seams cause a Smooth TPO Roofing System that is immune to deterioration from outside conditions, punctures, as well as splits that might occur. They are also environmentally friendly contrasted to various other roofing products. Its flexibility permits any kind of activity with older and even in some cases newer structures.

The Best Flat Roof Repair Services In Austin

Are you looking for the best flat roof repair services in the Austin area? Well, you are in luck! Finding a reliable and trusted roofing company for your flat roof repair job is hard to find. With us you can trust that we have the best of the best when it comes to local roofers.

* Fast and affordable flat roof repair services, including repairs, installation, maintenance, and inspection
* Professional, reliable, punctual, affordable, excellent craftsmanship and great customer service
* Project timeline, cost estimates & breakdowns, materials pricing and more
* Have other jobs around the house, just ask and we will get the help you need
* Residential and commercial flat roof repair services

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