The timeless beauty and durability of Tile Roofs

Accurate Roofing and Construction has been building tile roofs in Austin since 2004.


About Us

We are a firefighter owned roofing company providing our customers in Austin with the best quality workmanship and products in the roofing industry.

We are a 5-star rated tile roofing contractor and backed by an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Types of Tile Roofs


Clay Tile Roofs

Clay tiles have been around for centuries. They are long-lasting and can live for over 50 years and usually retain their color for the duration.


Concrete Tile Roofs

Concrete tiles are a less-expensive alternative to clay and slate tiles. Although they may lack the natural appeal of their counterparts, but they can mimic the look of clay, slate, or shingles.


Slate Tile Roofs

Cut from naturally occurring rock, the tiles will differ in shape, size, texture, and color. The subtle variations are what give the tiles character.


Metal Tile Roofs

Metal tiles are much lighter than traditional tile. Installation is less labor-intensive and Metal tile roofing is also cheaper compared to conventional materials.

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